QUATEST1 has 3 professional departments that carry out the inspection and quality inspection of imported and exported goods and assessment of conformity to serve the State management of quality and requirements of organizations and individuals according to regulations. areas such as:

• Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic: Mechanical materials, metallurgy, electricity, electronics machinery and equipment; Project supervision; Assessment of the current situation, technology and products of occupational safety.

• Chemicals, Construction Materials: Chemicals (basic chemicals, fertilizers, solvents, rubber, plastics, glue paints, minerals, cosmetics...); Group of building materials and petroleum products.

• Food, Consumer Goods: Agricultural products, food, aquatic products; Animal feed, consumer goods (Textiles, leather, garments, paper, wood, helmets, children's toys...); Consulting on the development and application of product quality standards, and at the same time supporting enterprises to complete the announcement of product quality and food safety according to regulations.