Strong hands with contractors careless

(Ref. HCM) is the story attracted the attention of public opinion as well as the contractor construction traffic.

Suspension of execution of bidding packages under urgent projects

The inspectorate of the Department of Transportation (HCMC) said that in the first two weeks of August 2017, this unit had made a written record of sanctions against 19 contractors violating road construction, With a fine of 129 million dong. Of which, 7 contractors did not return the road as per the status quo, 7 contractor for rock material, construction vehicles outside the construction site, thus obstructing traffic. Enough information content digging sugar.

In particular, due to continued violations at the Nguyen Thai Son - Nguyen Kiem bridge overpass, contractor MTV 319.3 was suspended by the HCM City Department of Transport for 2 months (from 10 / 8 to 10/10/2017). At this project, the contractor contracted by Contractor 319.3 is the Construction Package for parallel road construction on the intersection of Nguyen Kiem Street at 175 Military Hospital; On Hoang Minh Giam Street; On Nguyen Thai Son Street.

Earlier, the 319.3 Limited Company had been recorded in the administrative violation on August 4, 1977 for the act of "executing on the road under exploitation with signs, barriers but not sufficient under regulations "(At 29 Nguyen Kiem Street, Ward 3, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City). In the penalty, Contractor 319.3 has to pay a fine of 4 million.

The two-month suspension contract for Contractor 319.3 is creating a very hot outlook for construction contractors, as well as HCMC residents. This is the first time that a contractor is carrying out an emergency work in the form of a contractor designated as a "whistle blower".

The project of building a steel overpass at Nguyen Thai Son - Nguyen Kiem intersection (Go Vap district) is invested by Urban Transport Management No.3 in Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport. This is one of two projects on bridge construction approved by the Prime Minister according to the urgent and urgent order as provided for in Clause 2, Article 43 of Decree No. 59/2015 / ND-CP on management. construction investment projects.

According to inquiries of Bidding Newspaper, Bidding Package for road parallel construction on the intersection of Nguyen Kiem Street at 175 Military Hospital; On Hoang Minh Giam Street; Nguyen Thai Son Street under the project announced the contractor selection results on 6/2/2017. 319.3 was chosen as the winning bidder at 33,589 billion dong, reduced by 685 million dong compare to bidding package price (34,274 billion dong), equivalent to saving rate of 2% .

Any work that violates this will be dealt with

According to the HCMC Department of Transportation, the Inspectorate of Hochiminh City Hotline received regular feedback from the residents about the condition of Contractor 319.3 construction carelessness, lack of safety at the Nguyen Kiem - Nguyen Thai Paint. Through inspection, the Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City, most areas of the site are missing signs warning signs and safety barriers. These are serious violations during the construction process of the contractor, can not handle the hand, create bad precedent.

Leaders of the Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City said that through the inspection, inspection and the reflection of the people, all violations of the contractor will be handled. With the construction of the Nguyen Thai Son - Nguyen Kiem bridge overpass, although the construction is a key project, the suspension may affect the progress, but the Department of Transportation determined to require factors. Safety first. "The construction unit is 319.3 Limited Company and the investor is Urban Traffic Management No.3 shall be responsible for the progress of construction works, not to affect the overall progress of the whole project. "Leaders of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport.