Standard management system (QLCL) ISO 9001

Certification of standard management system

Product certification is the official validation of enterprise’s product conforming to the regulation and the enterprise has effectively maintained a quality assurance system, guaranteed the quality stability of validated products.

To be recognized, the enterprise need to meet the following requirements

1.      The testing result of typical sample conforms to the requirements of applied standards

2.      The enterprise develops and applies quality management systems such as ISO 9000, HACCP, GMP…or other quality assurance requirements

3.      The enterprise is monitored after certification by evaluating quality assurance conditions and testing typical samples from production places and/or market.

Benefit of certification of quality management system:

1.      The use of quality mark directly on products, packages and technical and advertisement documents

2.      The use of certification in bid documents

3.      The customer confidence raising

4.      The increase in prestige and competitiveness of the enterprise

5.      Testing cost savings and considered for exemption or reduction of inspection upon obtaining the Certificate and Quality Mark

6.      Quality marks are "visas" in international markets through bilateral and multilateral recognition agreements.

Procedure for certification of quality management system (See details)

* Some image management system certification: