Petroleum, Oil and Gas

Petroleum, Oil and Gas testing laboratory (TN6) was established according to the Decision No. 462 / QD-TDC on 17/05/2005 with the tasks of conducting test activities, identification and evaluation of quality criteria and technical features of Petroleum, Oil and Gas products for serving state management requirements and the needs of enterprises, organizations and individuals.

Specific tasks:

- Testing and evaluating the quality, technical features and safety of petrol, oil and gas products at the request of state management agencies and organizations and individuals.

- Training of testers, participating in consultancy on the construction of testing laboratories and technical consulting as required by organizations and individuals.

- Participate in scientific research, standards development, testing methods, assessing methods of the quality of petroleum, oil and gas products.

Field testing includes Petrol, Diesel, FO, Oils, LPG, Coal, Biomass and other related petroleum products.

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