Non Destructive Testing (NDT) - Industrial Safety


* Boilers, tanks, pressure pipes, steel structures, workshops, industrial constructions

* Machines and equipment with strict requirements on labor safety

* Float glass, glass, tempered glass, insulating glass...

* Types of firefighting steel pipes, copper pipes, air conditioning pipes, ...

* Industrial valves

* Reinforced concrete structure

Technical capabilities:

* Non-destructive testing (NDT) of metal materials, welds

- radiation photography (RT); Ultrasound (UT, Phased Array); Penetration (PT); Magnetic powder (MT); Vacuum test

* Measure the thickness of the metal by ultrasound

* Coating layer thickness (coating, paint)

* Determine the location and diameter of reinforcement in concrete

* Inspection of pipeline systems and equipment (brewery, soft drinks, mineral water, milk, food industry ...)

* Testing construction glass products according to QCVN 16: 2014 / BXD and other glasses

* Measurement of the differential pressure in escaping stair in high-rise building

* Noise measurement of equipment and systems (generators, glass walls, ...)

* Verification of safety techniques of machines and equipment with strict requirements on labor safety

* Checking safety valve

* Sealed and durable tests of valves

* Pressure and leaking test of pipes, pipes, tanks, equipment, ...

* Bearing capacity test

* Boiler energy efficiency test

* Certification of welding procedure and welder capabilities

* Non-destructive tester training

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