Mechanical - Length

The metrological laboratory of Mechanical – Length performs the activities of verification, calibration and testing of pressure, force, length and taximeter measurement means.

Main metrological fields:

  • Verification, calibration and adjustment of pressure and blood pressure meter including spring manometer, digital manometer, differential manometer, absolute and vacuum pressure manometer, blood pressure meter, and pressure transducer and transmitter.
  • Verification, calibration and adjustment of hardness measurement means including: tensile-compress testing machines, metal hardness measuring machines, dynamometers, force measurement instruments, hardness reference blocks and momentum meter
  • Verification, calibration and adjustment of length measurement means including length bars, coordinate measuring machines, theodolite, panme, calipers, clock-dial micrometer, tape measure, distance measure, gradienter, ultrasonic flaw detectors, metal thickness gauges, coating thickness gauges.
  • Taximeter verification: taximeters and taximeter verification equipment

Main equipment:

  • Standard verification and calibration sets for pressure and blood pressure meter
  • Standard calibration sets and equipment for force and hardness
  • Standards and equipment for calibration of length measures
  • Calibration standards of taximeter calibrator
  • Taximeter calibrators

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