Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics

Department of Mechanical, Electrical - Electronics (Division 1) has the responsibility in inspecting mechanical and metallurgical goods and materials and electrical and electronic devices; construction inspection; situation assessment of technological equipment, level and ability.

The adequately trained and experienced employees hold the competency to perform many complicated inspection requirements with intensive specialization.

To well manage tasks, the department has applied and maintained the quality control system according to ISO/IEC 17020 which has been approved as coded VIAS 025 by the Bureau of Accreditation.

Main inspection fields:

Electrical and Electronic products


- Steel

- Industrial safety means and devices

- Used technological equipment and chains

Serving state management:

As a unit under QUATEST 1, the Department is designated to inspect imported goods and certificate the standard conformity, specifically:

* Ministry of Science and Technology: Steel, Electrical and electronic safety, EMC, used technological equipment and chains.

* Ministry of Labors – Invalids and Social Affairs: equipment for safety inspection, personal protective equipment

1. Contract form CNHQ – QCVN 4 – 2009

2. Contract form CNHQ – QCVN 9 – 2012

3. Inspective registration form for electrical baking ovens

4. Inspective registration form for industrial fans

5. Quality certificate of steel according to circular No. 58 (Hợp chứng nhận thép là cgi` ạ? E dịch là quality certificate nhé)

6. Certificate form of QCVN 77 – 2011

*Service tariff:

1. Sample of CNHQ - QCVN 4 - 2009 (download )
2. Model contract CNHQ - QCVN 9 - 2012 (download )
3. Registration form for electric oven (download )
4. Sample of Industrial Fan Examination Registration (download )
5. Certified steel according to Circular 58 (download )
6. Model contract certification QCVN 7 - 2011 (download )