General information

The Quality Assurance and Testing center 1 (abbreviated as Quatest 1) is a science and technology organization under the Directorate of Standards, Metrology and Quality, having the responsibility on serving Government control in standardization, metrology and quality and other activities requested by different organizations and individuals.

Functions and Authorities:

- To carry out the science and technology tasks relevant to the fields of Standards, Metrology and Quality and to conduct activities on assessing the suitability in the fields of inspection, accreditation, experiment, products, goods, services and process quality assurance as requested or assigned by authoritative state agencies.

- To provide services in the fields of metrology, experiment, inspection, accreditation, maintenance and reparation of the measurement means as requested by agencies, enterprises, organizations and individuals.

- To conduct the inspection, calibration, examination and assessment of the measurement means and systems according to the law provision.

- To organize the testing of quality, sanitation and safety of goods, products, materials, components and constructions.

- To organize the examination, observation, experiment and assessment of environmental impact and situation.

- To implement the inspection of goods, materials, components, production line, technological transfer and construction quality.

- To organize the industrial safety examination of machines, equipment and materials.

- To carry out the training and fostering of science and technology knowledge and specializing skills in the domain of Standards, Metrology and Quality and knowledge of quality assurance for officials and employees of the center and other organizations and individuals.

- To advise for monitoring and evaluation of construction quality, installation supervision and equipment manufacture.

- To examine and assess the technical conditions and technological situation; To advise technological innovation. To organize the research and implementation of application of science and technology advancement.

- To assess the certifications of quality control system and goods, products, services, and construction in accordance to the technical standards.

To carry out the service activities on assessment of welding process, non-destructing testing (NDT), welding skills as requested by organizations and individuals.

- To carry out the advising activities on project management and bidding; developing the technical plans; developing the investment project and equipment

- Thực hiện các hoạt động tư vấn dịch vụ tư vấn quản lý dự án, đấu thầu, xây dựng các giải pháp kỹ thuật, lập các dự án đầu tư và trang thiết bị phòng thử nghiệm, đo lường theo quy định của pháp luật.

- To maintain, repair, manufacture, install and supply experimental and other technical equipment.

- To undertake consultancy services on project management consultancy, bidding, technical solutions, investment projects and testing and measuring equipment in accordance with the law.

To implement the program, research project in the fields of Standardization, Metrology and Quality according to the law provision.

To participate in the bidding, signing and performance of economic contracts in the domain of Standardization, Metrology and Quality with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals according to the law provisions.