Consumer goods

The testing laboratory of Consumer goods (TN 3) under QUATEST 1, is capable of testing consumer goods: textile, leather, apparel, leatherette, coasted and technical fabric; paper and carton; Rubber and plastics; Paints, glues and varnishes; Helmets and children's toys. Code VILAS 028.

1.      Textile, leather – apparel:

Textile – Apparel:


            Tensile strength

            Yarn twist

            Yarn count

            Gout tester


            Thermal transmittance

            Friction resistance

            Color fastness under artificial light from high pressure mercury lamp

            Color fastness in washing, water, friction and sweat    

            Extensibility after washing

            Wettability under pressure

            pH of extraction solution…


            Fatty acid level

            Cr2O3 level

            Moisture content

            Tensile strength

            Tearing strength

2.      Paper:

Paper (writing paper, printing paper, toilet paper, tissue paper), common and carton cardboard

            Moisture content

            Tearing resistance

            Water permeability

            pH of extraction solution from paper

            Bursting Strength

            Tensile strength

            Stiffness of paperboard layer

            Iso brightness

            Air permeability

            Compression strength of carton box


3.      Rubber and plastics

Rubber products (bicycle tires, motorcycles, cars, gloves, shoes, gaskets, sleepers) and plastic (water pipe, PVC, PPR, PE, PVC packaging, PE ...)

Pulling off test

Tensile strength of joints (độ bền mối nối săm)

Shore hardness

Akron Abrasive Tester, EPGi

Rubber swelling

Charpy, Izod impact resistance


Pressure resistance of the tube

Aging test ...

4.      Paint (Wall paint, Ankyl paint, two-component paint), glue, varnish:


Non-volatile matter content

            Fineness degree

            Alkaline and water resistance


            Bending strength

            Impact resistance



5.      Helmet:

Impact resistance and shock absorption

Puncture resistance

Strap endurance

Helmet stability

Glass transparency

View angle measurement

6.      Children toy safety: Test criteria according to TCVN 6238 - 1 & 2 – 2001

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